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The benefits of baby wearing

Do you know the benefits for care givers and babies of regularly using a sling or carrier? There are so many reasons to carry your baby from birth onwards!

Benefits for baby

  • Reduces crying, baby feels more settled.

  • Aids digestive issues such as reflux and wind and colic.

  • Reduces flat head syndrome.

  • Helps with balance.

  • Good for cognitive and social development.

  • Good for hip, neck and spine development.

  • Can aid consistent weight gain. 

  • Aids temperature and heart rate regulation.

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Benefits for care givers

  • Reduces postnatal depression.

  • More convenience and freedom.

  • Boosts milk supply.

  • Increases bonding and promotes responsive parenting.

  • Enables you to manage older children with a new baby.

  • Useful tool to help settle baby.

  • Avoid being 'nap trapped!'.

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