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Baby wearing safety

It is important to make sure carriers are used correctly and fit well. Carriers should support baby in the optimum position to support their developing body. Baby's airway should not be compromised and the carry should be comfortable for you both.

Safety guidelines

In the UK baby wearing safety guidelines are the TICKS guidelines. Carriers should be tight enough to maintain a good position and enable you to be hands free. Should support baby in an optimum position for developing hips and spine. Baby should be in view and their chin should be kept off their chest. 

T - Tight

I - In view at all times

C - Close enough to kiss

K - Keep chin off chest

S - Supported back

woven newborn.jpg

Position of baby

Baby's hips should be supported in an 'M' shape otherwise known as the 'spread squat. You can achieve this with a gentle pelvic tuck.

Baby's back should be supported in the 'J' shape to support their developing spine.

Front carries are safer for very young babies as this allows you to monitor their breathing and temperature whilst using the carrier. 

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