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"I struggled to find any local courses for parents of twins so booked in with Lisa and she made sure to give us extra information about how my twin delivery may differ etc. Also during a baby wearing/sling session she made sure me and my partner were not only able to use a stretch wrap for 1 baby but how to use it for 2!"

"Lisa came to my house to provide a one to one consultation service. This was a thoroughly informative session and Lisa left no stone unturned. It was interactive throughout and kept me engaged. We practiced together putting the slings on which really helped my prepare for the real thing."


"Lisa was really calm and friendly and very approachable so I was able to ask lots of questions. Lisa used her expertise to answer my queries and direct me to further reading which she followed up in writing afterwards. I found the whole session entirely brilliant and will be recommending Lisa to my friends and family."

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